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Swift Prodigy Kid

My dream for this Swift prodigy kid is that I would love for universities, internships and even talent scouts like myself to utilize my service in search for a Swift prodigy. The brand will be featuring the athletic and the ambitious.  What is going to make this sports and prodigy brand unique is that it has meaning….The wings say it all- The wings symbolize flying to the greatest heights of your accomplishments. Prodigy refers to a person especially a child or young person, with exceptional talents, examples are mastermind, child genius, curiosity, miracle, natural, phenomenon, rarity, sensation, wizard, wonder, monster, one in a million.  Swift prodigy kids will be for young men and women who fit that caliber. Who doesn’t want to become or be known as a prodigy? When a child is a Swift prodigy kid he/she can feel that they are of the elite status.

My dream for this Swift prodigy brand is to symbolize any form of sport or entertainment, whether the its music, art, gymnastics, basketball, football or soccer.  I feel like the motto says it all, "why run when you can fly, be a Swift prodigy kid!

Vernon Hegwood

Vernon is part of the Fly Swift Prodigy brand.  Here is a young teenage Swift kid that runs NCAA certified Basketball events across the globe.   Vernon has ran three basketball tournaments in Texas, one in Alabama, and one in New Orleans so far this year.  His services has been requested for events for 2014, including the Midwest Showdown in Cincinnati, Ohio, a prestigous 200 team event.  His knowledge and familiarity with computer programs and systems is second to no other normal kid. 

This Swift kid continues to run events across the country at discounted prices.  This Swift prodigy kid plans on being a gaming developer or vetinarian some day.  I would say this Swift kid has a very bright future!

Niyah Wilson

Niya Wilson is a 5th grader with high basketball IQ and passion for the game.  She has a chance to be a very special point guard someday if she continues to work on her shooting technique and develop a consistent jumper from the outside.  The young Swift prodigy already possesses a good handle, nice court vision, and lockdown on ball defense for a player her age.  She's not there yet but she's peeping around the corner!!!!

                                                                   Fly Swift